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This is the Web Site of

The Sylvester-Bradley Family

This web site has been set up by Rowan Sylvester-Bradley for use by members of the Sylvester-Bradley family. If your surname is Sylvester-Bradley, and you would like to have a section of this web site for your use, or if you would like an e-mail address of the form yourname@sylvesterbradley.org, please let me know (contact details below). If you can provide material which would be of interest to the family or is about the family, or if you have suggestions for other things that could go on the site, let me know that too.

Other Sylvester-Bradley Sites

If you wish you were somewhere else:

If you are looking for something else and think there should be a link to it here, please let me know.

Web Site Sections

Rowan Sylvester-Bradley This includes my personal information, plus:
  • my family history archive covering the Bradley, Hawker, Campbell and Batten ancestry
  • information about the Stourhead Broadband Scheme, which I ran in 2003 - now of purely historical interest since BT has enabled all of our local exchanges for Broadband.
Col. David Sylvester-Bradley Picture and obituary of Col David Lanoe Sylvester Bradley who died on 8th July 2004.

Linking To This Site

The official address of this site is http://www.sylvesterbradley.org.

The address http://www.sylvester-bradley.org will work too, but please use this as a non-preferred form.

Contact Details

Address: "Brightwell"
22 Fox Green
Great Bradley
Phone (home): 01440 783157
Mobile: 07970 111231
E-mail (home): rowan@sylvesterbradley.org

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